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Earn rewards with every purchase

Join our loyalty program to start earning points!

Begin earning with ease

Earn points on every order with a few simple steps.


Create an account

To get started, sign up here to track and earn rewards. You can also sign up when visiting any Torch restaurant.


Purchase and earn

Everytime you order online or in-store, you'll be earning reward points.


Save and redeem

As you earn points, you can redeem them for free rewards such as delicious sushi starting at 50 points!

Redeem your favourites

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Choose a small add-on

Add a small item to your order to make your meal even more enjoyable. Choose between a miso soup, edamame or any soft drink.

How to redeem online

Start redeeming your points through our online ordering platform or alternatively at all Torch stores.

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Once you are ready to redeem your points, simply add the item you would like to redeem into your cart. To see what you can redeem, visit our rewards portal.

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Follow the account security prompts to authenticate your account.

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To redeem your reward, choose your reward by clicking on "Select your reward".

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Login to your rewards account by inputting your account details under the contacts section.

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Once at the checkout page, scroll down to the rewards section.

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Choose the reward you would like to redeem and hit "Apply reward".


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How do I redeem my rewards?

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Do I earn welcome points for signing up?

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Can I redeem more than one reward at a time?

Are there purchases that don't qualify for collecting points?

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