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Torch combines ancient Japanese sushi techniques from the Kansei region of Osaka and modern methods that respect local tastes and ingredients.


Aburi style sushi refers to "flame-seared" sushi, where we torch the top of the fish to impact a distinct charred taste. Oshizushi style sushi translated means "pressed sushi" which create visually stunning and unique layers of flavours.


At Torch, we are melding the old and new to create Aburi-Oshizushi style sushi to adapt to today's modern palate.

Torch Promises


We will always source premium local and Japanese imported fish. We believe in a thick fish to rice ratio so you can taste the freshness of our fish.

Fresh, thick-cut, premium fish


You can expect high-quality ingredients in every dish. Our rice is omakase grade because we believe that quality taste starts from a strong foundation.

Top-grade short grain sushi rice


We promise you will always taste our unique Aburi flavours in every bite. Our recipes are carefully crafted with house-made sauces to create a delicious experience.

Unique Aburi taste in every piece

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